This Week in South Sudan – Week 16

Tuesday 18 April Inflation is increasing rapidly as the South Sudanese Pounds (SSP) depreciated further against the US Dollars (USD) in the black market, hitting a new low at USD$1 to 162 SSP, from $1 to 145 SSP the week before. Wednesday 19 April 16 MONUSCO staff were briefly held hostage by unarmed South Sudanese… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 15

Tuesday 12 April Sudan, in collaboration with the World Food Program and the Government of South Sudan (GoSS), has opened a second humanitarian corridor between El Obeid in Sudan and Bentiu in South Sudan. Aly Verjee in African Arguments: “Why calling for a ceasefire in South Sudan can be a bad idea” Wednesday 13 April… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 14

Monday 3 April The Government of South Sudan (GoSS) halts plan to increase work permit fees for foreigners. The strain on Uganda’s generous refugee policy is starting to show, as Bidi Bidi becomes the world’s largest refugee camp. Tuesday 4 April Reuters: “Refugees recount South Sudan attack: ‘If you ran, you got shot’” Foreign Affairs:… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 13

Tuesday 28 Mars Conflicting reports on clashes in Kajo-Keji, prisoners of war allegedly freed following a prison raid by the SPLA (IO). New research paper by the Enough Project: “A Way Out? Models for negotiating an exit plan for entrenched leadership in South Sudan Wednesday 29 Mars President Salva Kiir appointed a new governor of… Read more »