This Week in South Sudan – Week 2

Tuesday 9 January

  • Reports of clashes between government and SPLA (IO) forces in the Wunu’Lyet area, 10km outside Juba.

Wednesday 10 January

Thursday 11 January

Friday 12 January

Sunday 14 January

Monday 15 January

  • Clashes reported in Pieri area, Jonglei State between SPLA and SPLA (IO) forces.

This Week in South Sudan – Week 1

Tuesday 2 January

  • The Troika (the US, the UK and Norway) called on the armed factions to end all military operations, while threatening to impose individual or group sanctions on those violating the December 2017 cessation of hostility agreement.
  • Radio Tamazuj Factbox: “Protection camp populations in South Sudan”

Wednesday 3 January

  • The SPLA claims opposition attacks has killed 34 people in the first three days of 2018.
  • Archivists fear that thousands of historical documents detailing South Sudan’s past can be lost and destroyed while waiting for a national archive to be built.
  • According to the SPLA, 1850 former SPLA (IO) and Arrow Boys fighters, who surrendered to the government in 2016, have been integrated into regular SPLA forces in Yambio.
  • The Guardian, op-ed on the South Sudanese youth-diaspora in Australia: “As South Sudanese community leaders we must give our youth a sense of belonging”

Thursday 4 January

Friday 5 January

Monday 8 January

This Week in South Sudan – Week 51 & 52 

Tuesday 19 December

Wednesday 20 December

Thursday 21 December

Sunday 24 December

Tuesday 26 December

  • Reported clashes between SPLA (IO) and government forces in Kajo-Keji county and in areas east of Torit town.

Wednesday 27 December

  • The Minister of Information Michael Makuei says he will continue to speak on behalf of President Salva Kiir’s government despite being the target of U.S. sanctions.

 Thursday 28 December

 Friday 29 December

  • In the town of Malualkon in Greater Aweil, witnesses report that SPLA soldiers and National Security agents raided the home of Paul Malong, the exiled and former SPLA chief of staff.

 Sunday 31 December

Brief News Update from Week 51

The IGAD-led High Level Revitalization Forum concluded its first phase on 21 December with an Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities, Protection of Civilians and Humanitarian Access. The agreement was signed by the various conflict parties, including GoSS and SPLM (IO), and came into force on 24 December. However, clashes between government and SPLA (IO) forces in Koch area, Unity State were reported only hours after the agreement came into effect.

…A more comprehensive news update from South Sudan will be available on 2 January.

This Week in South Sudan – Week 50

Dear Readers, please note that there will be no news update next week. We will be back on Tuesday 2 January with a two-week TWISS update for week 51 and 52.

Tuesday 12 December

  • Reuters on the situation in Ganyiel, Unity State: “In war-torn South Sudan, one town nurtures a small-scale peace”

Wednesday 13 December

Thursday 14 December

Friday 15 December

Sunday 17 December

Monday 18 December

This Week in South Sudan – Week 49

Tuesday 5 December

Wednesday 6 December

Saturday 9 December

Sunday 10 December

This Week in South Sudan – Week 48

Tuesday 28 November

  • The US threatens to take further action against GoSS if it do not end violence and allow UNMISS to carry out their mission. US diplomat Nikki Haley tells the UN Security Council “words are no longer sufficient.”
  • GoSS welcomed the announcement by the Government of Kenya that all citizens from East African countries, including South Sudan, are may enter Kenya without a visa.
  • The Globe and Mail on the effects of sexual violence as a weapon of war: “Children of war: Carrying on with babies born of rape”

Wednesday 29 November

Thursday 30 November

Saturday 2 December

  • GoSS has tacitly removed subsidies on fuel, a move many government officials attributed to the scarcity of hard currencies in the country.

Sunday 3 December

Monday 4 December

This Week in South Sudan – Week 47

Tuesday 21 November

 Wednesday 22 November

  • Quartz, in-depth article on China’s foreign policy in South Sudan: “’Mutually Beneficial’: There’s at least one place in Africa where China’s “win win” diplomacy is failing”

Thursday 23 November

Friday 24 November

 Saturday 25 November

Sunday 26 November

  • Former SPLA general Zachariah Monyjiek Baguot Kiir has reportedly formed a new opposition group near the Sudan border, calling itself the South Sudan United Liberation Movement/Army.

Monday 27 November

  • Reuters, Feature article: “Crocodiles, pythons and militias: South Sudan’s children risk death for school”

This Week in South Sudan – Week 46

Monday 13 November

Tuesday 14 November

Thursday 16 November

Friday 17 November

  • US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, continues to put pressure on GoSS and criticize Salva Kiir’s role in the on-going conflict, saying the US has to “take a side” in the conflict.

Saturday 18 November

Sunday 19 November

Monday 20 November

This Week in South Sudan – Week 45

Tuesday 7 November

Wednesday 8 November

  • Reported clashes between the National Salvation Front (NAS) led by General Thomas Cirillo Swaka, and SPLA forces in Mvolo County, Western Equatoria.
  • Reuters, in-depth article on the on-going food crisis: “Hungry South Sudanese refugees risk death in return home for food”

Thursday 9 November

Friday 10 November

Saturday 11 November

Sunday 12 November