This Week in South Sudan – Week 25

Tuesday 20 June

Wednesday 21 June

Thursday 22 June

  • At least 35 people were killed during inter-communal clashes between Rup and Pakam communities of Rumbek Central county in Lakes State.
  • SPLA (IO) General Okot David Awai has reportedly defected to SPLA (IO) led by Taban Deng Gai along with 9 other officers. The SPLA (IO) led by Riek Machar confirms the General’s defection but denies reports of further defection from Magwi county, Eastern Equatoria State.
  • France 24 ‘Focus Programme’ reporting from both sides of the conflict and interviewing Jonathan Pedneault “South Sudan: A rare look at both sides of the civil war”

Friday 23 June

  • At least 30 people have been killed in inter-communal clashes between armed youth from the Atuot and Aliap communities in Lakes State.
  • Government forces claim to have regained control of Kaya town, Central Equatoria State following clashes with the SPLA (IO).
  • The SPLA denies that Mathiang Anyoor, the armed group loyal to Paul Malong Awan, withdrew from the frontlines after the former SPLA chief of general staff was dismissed.
  • The Guardian: “’I buried my smallest child under a bush’: starvation and sorrow in South Sudan”

Saturday 24 June

This Week in South Sudan – Week 24

Monday 12 June

Tuesday 13 June

Wednesday 14 June

Thursday 15 June

  • The Guardian, in-depth “No food, no money: conflict and chaos as South Sudan grapples with famine”

Saturday 17 June

  • A second round of consultations between SPLM factions in Uganda ended. The meeting concluding with mandating President Museveni to consult further with other groups, including SPLM (IO) led by Riek Machar, Thomas Cirillo and former Western Equatoria Governor, Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro. The aim is to include these groups in the next consultation meeting scheduled for July.

Sunday 18 June

This Week in South Sudan – Week 23

Tuesday 6 June

Wednesday 7 June

  • Al Jazeera video-report on Ana Taban artists “Young artists hope art can relieve suffering of war”

Thursday 8 June

Friday 9 June

Sunday 11 June

This Week in South Sudan – Week 22

Monday 29 May

  • General Frank Mushyo Kamanzi from Uganda arrived in South Sudan to assume his position as the new UNMISS Force Commander.
  • Alleged clashes between government soldiers and SPLA (IO) in Nasser town, Upper Nile State.

Tuesday 30 May

Wednesday 31 May

  • New report published by the Enough Project’s initiative, The Sentry: “Making a Fortune While Making a Famine: The illustrative case of a South Sudanese general”

Thursday 1 June

Friday 2 June

Monday 5 June

  • According to Petroleum Minister Ezekiel Lol Gatkouth, Total and Tullow Oil Plc., have asked to renegotiate the development of block B1 and B2 after previous negotiations collapsed in April. The petroleum minister also announced that 30 new oil wells will be drilled in 2017 to boost the country’s oil-output.
  • At least 38 people are reported killed and more than 30 injured following inter-communal clashes between the Apuk and Aguok clans in Warrap State.
  • South Sudanese judges are still on strike as they continue to push for improved work conditions and the resignation of Chief Justice Chan Reech Madut. The strike was initiated in early May.
  • The SPLA (IO) led by Riek Machar downplayed reports of a reported peace deal signed in Yei between the SPLA (IO) and the government, claiming the senior officer who signed the deal was never a member or officer of the SPLA (IO).

An overview: South Sudan’s civil war

Photo: ENOUGH Project/Flickr

Note to the reader: This blog post is intended for readers who desire a short introduction to current affairs in South Sudan. The text is an adaptation of a brief originally written in Norwegian and titled “Sør-Sudan: fra fest til katastrofe”. That brief is intended for a secondary school audience and was published in May 2017 by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. In the interest of inclusiveness some nuance has been dispensed of; more comprehensive coverage may be found in the list of further reading at the end of the blog post.

South Sudan marked its independence from Sudan in July 2011 with public celebrations in which celebrities and heads of state from all over the world participated. But despite great optimism and international support, by December 2013 the country had already reverted to civil war. Since then an ever-widening conflict marked by broken promises and failed peace agreements has brought the world’s youngest nation into deep political crisis, economic collapse and humanitarian catastrophe.

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This Week in South Sudan – Week 21


Monday 22 May

  • The Guardian op-ed by Payton Knopf, former coordinator of the UN Panel of Experts on South Sudan: “If Trump does nothing, 50% of South Sudan’s population could soon be gone”
  • President Salva Kiir declared a unilateral ceasefire and promised to release political prisoners. However, such a ceasefire is unlikely to hold without a new political peace agreement, and the UN, USA and Britain were critical to the initiative and noted that fighting continued in Yei.

Tuesday 23 May

Wednesday 24 May

Thursday 25 May

Friday 26 May

  • Following a funding crisis, the UN cut food rations from 12 to 6 kg maize a month in refugee camps in northern Uganda. Subsequently hunger stricken South Sudanese refugees stole food from people living in the area. Camp authorities fear clashes and violence if the reduced food rationing continues.
  • South Sudanese authorities released a UN-Miraya FM journalist, George Livio after him being detained without charge since August 2014.
  • Uganda conveyed a SPLM factions meeting in Kampala between the SPLM (in government), the SPLM (IO) faction led by Taban Deng Gai and the SPLM-Former Political Detainees (FD). Machar’s SPLM (IO) faction was not included. The meeting was unsuccessful in fostering a SPLM-reunification. The SPLM (FD) stated that proposed agreement was not inclusive and declined to sign.

Saturday 27 May

Sunday 28 May

This Week in South Sudan – Week 20

Monday 15 May

Tuesday 16 May

Wednesday 17 May

  • Reported clashes between government and opposition forces in Yei, Central Equatoria State.

Thursday 18 May

  • President Kiir announced the National Dialogue will start on 22 May, despite missing commitments from key opposition figures.
  • CNN in-depth: “Faced with slaughter they fled, now their safe haven teeters on the brink”

Friday 19 May

This Week in South Sudan – Week 19

 Monday 8 May

Tuesday 9 May

  • Unknown gunmen attacked Taban Deng Gai’s convoy between Juba and Bor, wounding three of his security guards. The vice president was not traveling with the convoy at the time of the attack.
  • SPLA’s Chief of General Staff, Gen. Paul Malong was unexpectedly dismissed by President Salva Kiir, prompting him to leave Juba for Aweil the same day. His exit caused speculations that he might revolt, however, Malong later said he had no problems with GoSS and returned to Juba on May 13. Malong’s successor, Gen. James Ajongo, was sworn in as the new SPLA Chief of General Staff on 10 May.
  • People arrested following protests in Juba against the rising cost of living and the on-going civil war. The reported numbers of arrests vary from five to dozens.

Friday 12 May

  • GoSS have opened about 30 shops in Juba selling staple foods at discount prices as the famine-affected country faces inflation in excess of 400 percent.
  • South Sudan’s biggest bank, the Kenya-based KCB Group Plc, will temporarily shut down five branches as hyperinflation and a shortage of dollars depletes the group’s profits. Ten branches will remain open.
  • SPLA (IO) admits losing control of Kaka town, Upper Nile State.
  • UN Special Envoy, David Shearer, warns that the deteriorating security situation, especially in the Bor-Pibor area between youths from the Dinka Bor and Murle communities, can worsen the humanitarian situation in the country further.

Saturday 13 May

This Week in South Sudan – Week 18

 Wednesday 3 May

  • President Salva Kiir plans to tour the country in an attempt to mobilise popular support for the national dialogue process.
  • South Sudan Judges and Justices declared a nationwide strike after negotiations with the government failed. The strikers demand better working conditions and the Chief Justice’s resignation.
  • Pulitzer Price: “Millions Are on the Brink of War-Driven Starvation in South Sudan”

Thursday 4 May

  • The executive director of the Unity Cultural and Development Center, a NGO in Wau, has been detained for two weeks by security officials without a provided reason.

Friday 5 May

Saturday 6 May

Sunday 7 May

This Week in South Sudan – Week 17

Monday 24 April

Tuesday 25 April

Wednesday 26 April

Thursday 27 April  

Monday 1 May

Tuesday 2 May