This Week in South Sudan – Week 33

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This Week in South Sudan – Week 32

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This Week in South Sudan – Week 31

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This Week in South Sudan – Week 29 and 30

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This Week in South Sudan – Week 28

There will be no This Week in South Sudan for week 29 and instead a combined newsletter for week 29 and 30.


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This Week in South Sudan – Week 27

Tuesday 3 July

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Friday 6 July

  • The GoSS and the opposition groups signed an accord on security arrangements, as a result of the Khartoum Agreement. Read the accord here. Key points:
    • Permanent ceasefire, including the immediate release of all prisoners of war and detainees.
    • Pre-transitional period, including demilitarization of civilian areas.
    • Transitional period of 36 months.
    • Mechanisms of security arrangements, wherein which half of the part members of the Joint Transitional Security Committee shall be drawn from the opposition groups.

Sunday 8 July

This Week in South Sudan – Week 26

The Khartoum Peace Agreement

  • On Wednesday 27 June, Salva Kiir and Riek Machar signed a peace deal alongside representatives from the South Sudan Opposition Alliance, the Former Detainees, other political parties, Sudan’s President Omer al-Bashir, and witnesses from IGAD and the Troika (Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States).
  • President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar declared a permanent ceasefire to take effect within 72 hours of the signing of the agreement.
  • Read the Declaration of Agreement here. It consists of five main components:
    • “A permanent ceasefire based on the agreement signed 21 December 2017”.
    • “Building a national army, police and other security organs of an all-inclusive character that shall be free from tribalism and ethnic affiliations”.
    • “An agreement on the ‘Revised Bridging Proposal’ shall be concluded”.
    • “Efforts for improving the infrastructure and basic services […] shall be intensified”.
    • The oil fields in Unity State: “The government of South Sudan in collaboration with the Government of Sudan shall immediately rehabilitate the oil fields”.

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This Week in South Sudan – Week 25

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This Week in South Sudan – Week 24

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This Week in South Sudan – Week 23

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