This Week in South Sudan – Week 45

Tuesday 7 November

Wednesday 8 November

  • Reported clashes between the National Salvation Front (NAS) led by General Thomas Cirillo Swaka, and SPLA forces in Mvolo County, Western Equatoria.
  • Reuters, in-depth article on the on-going food crisis: “Hungry South Sudanese refugees risk death in return home for food”

Thursday 9 November

Friday 10 November

Saturday 11 November

Sunday 12 November

This Week in South Sudan – Week 44

Tuesday 31 October

Wednesday 1 November

Thursday 2 November

Friday 3 November

Saturday 4 November

Sunday 5 November

Monday 6 November

This Week in South Sudan – Week 43

Tuesday 24 October

Wednesday 25 October

Thursday 26 October

Friday 27 October

  • More than 70 soldiers from the opposition group of South Sudan Patriotic Army/Movement has reportedly defected to the SPLA in Northern Bahr al Ghazal.

Saturday 28 October

Sunday 29 October

Monday 30 October

  • The Guardian “Forced to live in a cemetery: the secret shantytown for Juba’s homeless”

This Week in South Sudan – Week 42

Tuesday 17 October

Wednesday 18 October

Thursday 19 October

Friday 20 October

Saturday 21 October

Sunday 22 October

Monday 23 October 

This Week in South Sudan – Week 41

Wednesday 11 October

Thursday 12 October

  • The Economist: “As South Sudan implodes, America reconsiders its support for the regime”

Friday 13 October

Saturday 14 October

  • Al Jazeera, in pictures: “Seeking shelter in war-torn South Sudan”

Sunday 15 October

  • The Washington Post’s in-depth interview with an unapologetic President Salva Kiir “South Sudan is a disaster. Its president says: Not my fault.”
  • PBS in-depth: “Why reporting from South Sudan is so difficult — and critically needed”

Monday 16 October

This Week in South Sudan – Week 40

Tuesday 3 October

Wednesday 4 October

  • To boost bilateral trade and the South Sudanese economy, the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) is negotiating with the Government of Sudan to reopen river transportation on the White Nile.
  • Reuters: “Daughters of violence: South Sudanese refugee rape victims in Uganda”

Thursday 5 October

Friday 6 October

Monday 9 October

  • Tensions increase in Uganda’s refugee camps as food rations are cut in half. This is due to the massive flood of refugees overwhelming aid agencies, combined with delayed deliveries and constraints on funding.

This Week in South Sudan – Week 39

Tuesday 26 September

Wednesday 27 September

Thursday 28 September

Saturday 30 September

Sunday 1 October 

Monday 2 October

This Week in South Sudan – Week 38

Monday 18 September

Tuesday 19 September

Wednesday 20 September

Thursday 21 September

Friday 22 September

Saturday 23 September

  • The Government of South Sudan (GoSS) called for the “unconditional” release of 14 officials captured in Akobo county Jonglei State. GoSS claim the officials were part of a peace delegation, and are held captured by armed youth loyal to Riek Machar. Meanwhile, the SPLA (IO) claim to have captured 25 government soldiers and a county commissioner in the same area. 

Sunday 24 September

 Monday 25 September

  • Bloomberg: “Risky Roads a Boon for Airlines in War-Ravaged South Sudan” 

This Week in South Sudan – Week 37

Monday 11 September

Tuesday 12 September

  • Floods have reportedly displaced more than 100,000 people in South Sudan. In Bor town  at least 1,200 households are affected as houses have been washed away and hundreds of families lack shelter and food.

Wednesday 13 September

Thursday 14 September

Friday 15 September

Saturday 16 September

Sunday 17 September

  • Al Jazeera on sexual abuse and violations of South Sudanese women: “’Thousands of women raped and assaulted’ in South Sudan”

This Week in South Sudan – Week 35 & 36

Tuesday 29 August

Wednesday 30 August

Thursday 31 August

  • Foreign Policy photo feature on South Sudan rebel life: “No Country for Civilians”

Friday 1 September

  • The only foreign victim to come forward and provide evidence against the twelve SPLA soldiers accused after the Terrain Hotel attack trial, testified in court. The Italian woman urged other survivors to speak up.

Saturday 2 September

Monday 4 September

Tuesday 5 September

Wednesday 6 September

Thursday 7 September

Friday 8 September

Saturday 9 September