PRIO Global Fellow, Luka Biong Deng: ‘Will IGAD Plus deadline have the same fate of IGAD deadlines?’

The IGAD Plus agreed in its first meeting on a document titled “Proposed Compromise Peace Agreement for the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan” and resolved to share it with the warring parties and other stakeholders as the basis for the next round of peace talks. Besides this document, IGAD Plus came up with a clear timetable to conclude these talks with peace agreement to be signed on 17th August 2015. The question is whether this new deadline of IGAD Plus will have the same fate of the previous deadlines set by IGAD?

The possibility for concluding peace deal by 17th August will largely depend on the reaction of various stakeholders and particularly the warring parties to the proposed agreement. As the warring parties are still studying the proposed agreement, no party rejected the entire document but only raised concerns in some provisions of the proposed agreement. The findings of the recent perception survey conducted by the Centre for Peace and Development Studies (CPDS) at the University of Juba and public reaction survey conducted by Community Empowerment and Progress Organization (CEPO) show the overwhelming support to the proposed peace agreement but with some concerns about certain aspects of the proposed agreement.

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This article was first published in Sudan Tribune on Monday 10 August, 2015. 

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