This Week in South Sudan – Week 46

Tuesday 10 November

Wednesday 11 November

Thursday 12 November

Friday 13 November

  • Explaining South Sudan’s peace deal:
    • Part 24: Will officials be immune from prosecution?
    • Part 25: How will victims be compensated?

Saturday 14 November

  • SPLA (IO) welcomed the declaration of the youth fighters in Western Equatoria state, known as the Arrow Boys, to join its fighting force.
  • SPLA (IO) dismissed claims that their forces carried out an attack at a village in Twic East county in Unity state.
  • President Salva Kiir said he fears his own party will turn against him after exiled opposition politicians return to government, suggesting they will use money and influence to ‘buy’ members of the party in order to oust him.

Sunday 15 November

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