This Week in South Sudan – Week 22

Wednesday 1 June

  • The UN Security Council unanimously renewed until 31 May 2017 sanctions against South Sudanese leaders perceived to be blocking peace, security and stability in the country.

Thursday 2 June

  • There are conflicting interpretations within the presidency of the mandate for the announced committee to review the 28-state plan.

Friday 3 June

  • Renewed clashes between the Toposa and Didinga ethnic groups in Budi, Eastern Equatoria State.

Saturday 4 June

  • South Sudanese presidency to appoint nine additional presidential advisers from the opposition factions. 

Sunday 5 June

  • First Vice President, Riek Machar, will take charge follow up implementation of the September 2012 cooperation agreements between South Sudan and Sudan, according to the Presidency.

Monday 6 June

  • A British, five-person advance team arrived in Juba; the first to arrive of the prospected 300 troops British contribution to UNMISS.
  • Sudan and South Sudan Sunday signed a series of security agreements, including immediate re-deployment of joint military forces along the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone (SDBZ), an approved plan to stop supporting and harbouring rebels, as well as open crossing points.
  • Voice of America: “Can Fragile Peace Hold in South Sudan?”

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