This Week in South Sudan – Week 21


Monday 22 May

  • The Guardian op-ed by Payton Knopf, former coordinator of the UN Panel of Experts on South Sudan: “If Trump does nothing, 50% of South Sudan’s population could soon be gone”
  • President Salva Kiir declared a unilateral ceasefire and promised to release political prisoners. However, such a ceasefire is unlikely to hold without a new political peace agreement, and the UN, USA and Britain were critical to the initiative and noted that fighting continued in Yei.

Tuesday 23 May

Wednesday 24 May

Thursday 25 May

Friday 26 May

  • Following a funding crisis, the UN cut food rations from 12 to 6 kg maize a month in refugee camps in northern Uganda. Subsequently hunger stricken South Sudanese refugees stole food from people living in the area. Camp authorities fear clashes and violence if the reduced food rationing continues.
  • South Sudanese authorities released a UN-Miraya FM journalist, George Livio after him being detained without charge since August 2014.
  • Uganda conveyed a SPLM factions meeting in Kampala between the SPLM (in government), the SPLM (IO) faction led by Taban Deng Gai and the SPLM-Former Political Detainees (FD). Machar’s SPLM (IO) faction was not included. The meeting was unsuccessful in fostering a SPLM-reunification. The SPLM (FD) stated that proposed agreement was not inclusive and declined to sign.

Saturday 27 May

Sunday 28 May

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