Month: May 2020

Armed Mothers in Militant Visuals

In Hamas’ 2004 poster of suicide bomber Reem al-Riyashi, she poses for the camera holding a rifle her in left hand and her son in the other. al-Riyashi killed four Israelis and herself in a joint Hamas and al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades bombing on the Gaza-Israel border. Over twenty years earlier, and nearly 5,000 miles away,… Read more »

From the politics of secrecy to the politics of knowledge

One of the grounding assumptions of liberal democratic politics is that the open flow of information—including exposure of state secrets where necessary—enables people to hold states accountable for their actions.   At the current moment, however, the effectiveness of exposure, as well as the broader politics of truth, have become a site of intense concern on… Read more »