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Book review: Biopolitics After Truth: Knowledge, Power, and Democratic Life

by Sergei Prozorov, Edinburgh University Press, 2021, 192 pp., ISBN: 9781474485784 Rarely does a book of political philosophy manage to triangulate three themes of public interest as effectively as Sergei Prozorov’s Biopolitics After Truth: Knowledge, Power, and Democratic Life (2021). Its main topics—biopolitics, ‘post-truth,’ and post-Soviet Russia—not only speak directly to pandemic politics but also… Read more »

Book club review: Savage Ecology – War and Geopolitics at the End of the World

          Pardon me, I was dreaming; I forgot you are herewaiting for me to accept you again, tell you that you’re not dangerous. Alice Notley, Above the Leaders With the global security system implicated in just about every scenario of civilisational and species collapse, should it be said that scholars have given too much time… Read more »

Book club review*: Savage Ecology – War and geopolitics at the end of the world

*An in-depth review from @SecDialogue by Jairus V. Grove. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2019, 368pp. ISBN: 978-1-4780-0484-4 Welcome, reader, to a new experience for the Security Dialogue blog. While we will continue to feature standard book reviews, in our book club reviews we present a novel kind of in-depth engagement with interesting books. First… Read more »