Month: August 2014

State Briefing: Jonglei State

State Capital: Bor Approximate population: 1,443,500 Number of IDPs sheltering in the state: 579,700 Jonglei is the largest state in South Sudan and one of the areas hardest hit by conflict. Three days after the civil war started in Juba 15 December2013 the state became a battle ground.  The SPLA division led by Peter Gadet… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 35

Monday 25 August The UN condemned the detention of the ceasefire monitors in Unity State. East African leaders set a new deadline for the South Sudan peace talks. The warring parties in South Sudan signed a new peace deal. Salva Kiir agreed to have a prime minister position in the transitional government. Uganda and Ethiopia… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 34

Monday 18 August The UN demanded freedom of movement in South Sudan. The South Sudanese government accused the SPLA-in-Opposition of seeking support from Sudan. An SPLM-in-Opposition delegation arrived in Kampala to meet the Ugandan government. Seven people were killed in Lakes State. Tuesday 19 August The radio journalist detained in Juba last week was released. The… Read more »

Russian August in the Arctic

August is a particular month in the Russian political calendar: It was the Kursk day last week, and this week – it is day of tanks in Prague (21 August 1968) and the day of tanks in Moscow (19-22 August 1991). These days, tanks are rolling over the streets of Donetsk and Luhansk – but… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 33

Monday 11 August The US criticised the warring parties for their failure to meet the deadline for the formation of a transitional government. The SPLA-in-Opposition claimed to have killed five government soldiers in Unity State. The South Sudanese government accused the SPLA-in-Opposition of attacking Nasser (Upper Nile State). Machar concluded the talks with the Sudanese… Read more »

Research Apartheid

Academia has become its own battleground in the Israel-Palestine conflict. As a scholar of the Israel-Palestine conflict, I usually leave the Ben Gurion Airport with vivid images of checkpoints, separation barriers, demolished houses, crammed refugee camps, poverty, settlements, and soldiers. Earlier this summer, before the war broke out in Gaza, I visited Israel for the… Read more »