Month: February 2019

A Book that Looks Like an Encyclopedia

Write about a book that has been particularly important for me? A difficult task! In those formative youthful years when one is attempting to shape one’s identity, in the profession as well as in society, many books and articles exert an influence – now in one direction, then in another. I could have mentioned Johan… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 8

Wednesday 20 February A recent UN report tally alleged perpetrators of sexual violence, killings and torture in South Sudan. The confidential list of suspects includes people from the army, national security, military intelligence, rebel forces and affiliated armed groups. Bel Trew in Independent: “Too Young to Wed: Poverty and Hunger are Driving up Numbers of… Read more »

ISIS Women Hoping to Return Home Are Met with a Cold Shoulder from State Officials

The media has yet again turned its attention toward the women of ISIS. Currently ISIS only occupies one square kilometre of the so-called caliphate they once had, and as the final battles to regain former ISIS-controlled territory are unfolding, more and more ISIS fighters’ wives or widows have ended up in refugee camps all over… Read more »

A Fool’s Errand? Exercising Critique through Ethics in EU Security Research

Claims about being “critical” as academics seldom explain what being critical actually means for us, or what it implies for our professional and personal conduct. Sometimes, it is associated with distanced observation “from above”, while at other times it is about descending from the Ivory tower and engaging with political problems for a good cause…. Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 7

Monday 11 February The Minister of Labour, James Hoth Mai, said he will reform the civil service sector, with the primary aim of increasing youth employment. Tuesday 12 February The UN reports a surge in violence in Yei State displacing 8000 people, where about 5000 have fled to the DRC. The Diplomat: “How China Came… Read more »

Climate Change and Conflict

Does global warming really increase armed conflict? Recently, a new study joined a wave of research (e.g., here and here) that seeks to illustrate the effects of climate change on political violence. The most recent study, published in the journal Global Environmental Change and conducted by Guy J. Abel and colleagues, demonstrates that climate change… Read more »