Month: November 2015

Somalia’s Hope for the Future? The Return of Young Diaspora Somalis

The Somali conflict has affected Somali citizens inside and outside the Somali region for over 25 years. While Somaliland and Puntland have enjoyed relative stability for more than two decades, conditions are much more fragile in south-central Somalia, and residents in many parts of the Somali region face considerable levels of insecurity still. In late… Read more »

Norway’s Role in South Sudan’s Independence

In an interview, 21 November with the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, Øystein. H. Rolandsen at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) explains why it is a misunderstanding to hold Norway and other Western countries accountable for South Sudan’s secession. The Norwegian government and civil society organisations have for decades been extensively engaged in efforts to bring… Read more »

Russia Breaks the Partnership with Turkey – but Builds a New One with Iran

De-escalation of the crisis between Russia and Turkey, caused by the first ever air fight between them resulting in a destruction of a Russian Su-24, has suddenly become the hottest issue in global affairs. What has been overshadowed by this clash of military missions and political ambitions is the strengthening of ties between Russia and… Read more »

The Threat from ISIS is not Military

For more than a decade, alarmists have essentially argued that, because the 9/11 attackers proved to be good with box-cutters, they would soon be able to fabricate nuclear weapons. And now, after the dramatic and horrible Paris terror attacks, a similar process of alarmed exaggeration seems to be happening with ISIS. In a reactive pose… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 47

Monday 16 November SPLA (IO) and government forces trade accusations over recent clashes in areas south west of Rubkotna county, Unity state. Explaining South Sudan’s peace deal: Part 25: How will victims be compensated? Wednesday 18 November The SPLM parliamentary caucus held a closed-door meeting where they agreed to give President Salva Kiir new constitutional… Read more »

How did the 13 November Paris Killers get their Guns?

Full details of the arms used in the 13 November massacres will emerge in time. This post provides some information on illicit automatic weapons, such as the Kalashnikov, in France, and how they reach illicit markets. Overall, it appears that there is a pool of several thousand illicit military style firearms in France and relatively… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 46

Tuesday 10 November UNICEF has estimated that nearly 1,500 children were killed since the start of South Sudan’s civil war, according to a recent briefing released by the agency.  Wednesday 11 November Voice of America: South Sudan in Focus News Video. Thursday 12 November SPLA (IO) and government forces trade accusations over attacks in Leer… Read more »

Paris Attacks may have Consequences for European Cities

Attacks in Paris show how urban security challenges are becoming more complex. They ask difficult questions and present no easy answers. Friday’s attacks in Paris were an alarming reminder of the threats of organised violence in European cities. This comes less than a year after the assault against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and days… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 45

Monday 2 November New accusations of ceasefire violations in areas south of Malakal, Upper Nile state. Wednesday 4 November Al Jazeera: ‘Hiding from horror in the swamps of South Sudan’ South Sudan’s government will release $10 million in a bid to shore up the economy and stabilize the rapidly rising black market exchange rate. President… Read more »