Month: May 2024

Russia Attempts New Anti-Peace Offensive

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued reassurances of his readiness to negotiate an end to his war against Ukraine many times over the past 27 months, which Kyiv has duly rejected as attempts to pressure it to capitulate (see EDM, January 29, February 6, 26, April 15). A maneuver executed last week may, however, signify a change in Russia’s… Read more »

The Importance of Recognition – Even in Occupation

Norway, Spain, and Ireland recognized a Palestinian state that does not yet exist. This is why it still matters. On Wednesday May 22. Norway, Spain and Ireland declared that they would recognize Palestine as a state on May 28. The recognition has now become official. During a 22 May press conference, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas… Read more »

“Long War” Drives Putin’s Cadre Reshuffling

Russia’s political elite are facing a challenging test as they bear the burdens of the economic strain and societal stresses of Moscow’s war against Ukraine. This upper echelon had grown accustomed to a stable bureaucratic environment and the sweet rewards of rampant corruption. Russian President Vladimir Putin, nevertheless, demands continuing service from many of his… Read more »

Week of Ceremonies Marks Wobbly Start for Putin’s New Presidential Term

The Christian Orthodox Easter service in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral on May 5 began a week of pompous performances for Russian President Vladimir Putin (Vedomosti, May 5). It continued with his inauguration ceremony on May 7, followed by a meeting of the Eurasian Economic Council (EEC) the next day and the Victory Day parade… Read more »

Pandemic Aftermath: Reflecting on the Value and Compensation of Essential Workers

After the first confirmation of a COVID case in Norway in late February 2020, the Norwegian government found itself in a difficult situation where the prevention of the virus was urgent, while the functioning of public institutions was necessary. Therefore, the Norwegian government categorized certain workers as especially important or critical to society (samfunnsviktige or… Read more »

War of Attrition Perturbs Putin’s Elites

Last week was full of shocks for Moscow. The United States finally approved $61 billion of aid to Ukraine, the European Parliament passed a resolution rejecting the legitimacy of Russia’s March presidential elections, and Russian Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov was arrested in Moscow on accusations of bribery. The last event was the most astounding,… Read more »