Month: June 2015

A cause of war or an impetus for peace? Uganda’s economic interests in South Sudan

  UPDF’s intervention in South Sudan indicates Uganda’s strong interest in the new country. Security and regional stability seems to be the chief motives, but various economic interests also crops up in discussions about Uganda’s involvement. It is, however, difficult to assess the importance of this dimension since the extent and nature of Ugandan economic activities… Read more »

Finding Connections: The Nexus between Migration and Corruption

International migration and corruption have several things in common: they play key roles in development processes, feature prominently on policy agendas, and are the subject of large research literatures. However, the connections between migration and corruption, whether in the country of origin or along migration trajectories, remain relatively unexplored. The migration-corruption nexus has important implications… Read more »

Russia’s accident-prone air might

I made an argument about Russia’s weakening and vulnerability in Brookings’ blog Order from Chaos, suggesting, in particular, that What is less obvious for many Russia-watchers is that the military strength demonstrated so pompously on the Red Square during the May 9 Victory Day parade is also in decline. In Ukraine, the lack of any… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 23

Monday 1 June The Government of South Sudan expelled the United Nations’ resident relief coordinator and deputy envoy to the country, Toby Lanzer. The SPLM later explained the expulsion, describing Lanzer as an ‘’enemy’’ of South Sudan. A delegation of 5 SPLM-G10, accompanied by South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, returned to South Sudan to… Read more »

Turkey’s Critical Election

With only days to go before legislative elections in Turkey on Sunday, 7 June, the political uncertainty of its possible outcomes are filling newspaper columns. This is a change from the past two elections where a victory for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) was almost a foregone conclusion.

This Week in South Sudan – Week 22

Monday 25 May The South Sudanese government said it welcomed IGAD’s appointment of Sudan’s president Bashir as the new leader of the IGAD peace negotiations. The SPLA announced that its forces had regained control of Malakal, the capital of Upper Nile state, more than one week after the SPLA (IO) captured it. An advance team of… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 21

Wednesday 20 May The SPLA (IO) tactically withdrew from Melut, Upper Nile state “in order to reorganize for next move.” According to a communique following the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGL), the regional leaders rejected the direct participation of the Troika (US, UK and Norway) in the IGAD process, and the UN’s… Read more »

Weakening Russia Curtails Access to Publicly Available Information

These attempts at curtailing the flow of information and persecuting the disseminators of politically undesirable news (including bloggers) might appear old-fashioned and inspired by Soviet-era KGB practices, which are held dear by Putin and his henchmen. They are, nevertheless, more effective than the spread of Internet-based social networks would suggest—and not only due to the… Read more »

Clash of exercises in the High North

International Air Force exercises Arctic Challenge 2015 are going on in the High North with Norway as the lead nation and 9 states (including, remarkably, Switzerland) participating with squadrons of various jet fighters (as well as NATO AWACS E3 planes). Russia found it necessary to respond with snap military exercises of its own, engaging not only… Read more »