Month: September 2016

This Week in South Sudan – Week 35

Tuesday 30 August Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta urged South Sudan’s leaders to implement the August 2015 peace deal and stabilize the country during his one-day visit to Juba. The UN Humanitarian Aviation Services (UNHAS) was forbidden to deliver medical supplies after the Government of South Sudanese (GOSS) imposed a new control on transport of medicines… Read more »

Russia Underperforms at Pivoting

Vladivostok, which had an expensive facelift for the 2012 APEC summit, will this week host the Eastern Economic Forum, and President Vladimir Putin is due to preside over the proceedings. His goal is to reassert Russia’s commitment to playing a major role in Asia-Pacific geopolitics and to reinvigorate business ties with this dynamic region. The… Read more »

No More Lost Opportunities

The leaders of Cyprus’ communities enjoy a rapport that would seem encouraging for settling decades-long differences. But new geopolitical realities could easily sideline progress. The time is now for visionary and credible political initiative, coupled with the constructive engagement of the international community. Few would disagree that negotiations for the solution of the decades-old Cyprus… Read more »