12 ways to navigate coverage for the 20th anniversary of Rwanda 1994


Rwandan Genocide Murambi skulls. From Wikipedia

It is coming: the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan violence of 1994 (i.e., the interstate war, the civil war, the genocide, the sexual violence and some random wilding or, the genocide and civil war – depending upon who you are listening to).  Yes, it has been 20 years and yes it is going to be quite something.  Much has happened over the last 20 years and much has happened over the last 10 as it relates to what we have come to understand about what happened. Some of it is consistent but much of it is not. We will get to more of that as the event approaches.  Look for the relaunch of www.genodynamics.com – your one-stop research site for the rigorous study of Rwandan political violence of 1994.

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