Month: June 2016

This Week in South Sudan – Week 23

Tuesday 7 June Authorship of New York Times Op-ed debated: “South Sudan Needs Truth, Not Trials” The Guardian: “South Sudan leaders did not sign off New York Times article, aides say” Foreign Policy: “The New York Times South Sudan Op-Ed That Wasn’t” The Washington Post: “Who wrote that op-ed? The New York Times isn’t sure.”… Read more »

It’s Time to Open our Eyes to Women’s Involvement in Peace Processes

Women are central contributors to peace processes. But the crucial roles that women play in transitions from war to peace are rarely acknowledged. The focus on the negotiating table and formal politics – the diplomatic aspects of conflict resolution – is a too narrow understanding of peace processes. Recent case studies on Somalia and Bosnia… Read more »

Political Defeat – Military Inadequacy! The Swaddling Blanket of Intervention

The military interventions by the West in the Middle East, Afghanistan and North Africa in recent years are examples of bold and efficient use of force resulting in immediate achievement of goals. Saddam Hussein’s military forces were defeated, the Taliban were deprived of their havens and possible massacres in Libya were prevented. The attempts however… Read more »

Against the Merger of Humanitarianism with Development and Security

In the recent World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul 23-24 May, the interconnections between humanitarianism, development and security were highlighted. Recognising that humanitarian assistance alone cannot address ‘the needs of over 130 million of the world’s most vulnerable people’, the conference chair’s summary report states: ‘A new and coherent approach is required based on addressing root… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 22

Wednesday 1 June The UN Security Council unanimously renewed until 31 May 2017 sanctions against South Sudanese leaders perceived to be blocking peace, security and stability in the country. Thursday 2 June There are conflicting interpretations within the presidency of the mandate for the announced committee to review the 28-state plan. Friday 3 June Renewed clashes between… Read more »

African Drone Proliferation: The Meaning of Leapfrogging

The ongoing drone proliferation throughout Africa has received little critical attention. However, African drone proliferation has become a vehicle for the production and distribution of forms of legitimacy and of resources that have implications for drone proliferation both within and outside Africa.  More specifically, the percep­tion of Africa as being in need of external drone… Read more »

Russia is showing uncharacteristic prudence – Why, and will it last?

With the NATO summit in Warsaw coming up in July, the rhetoric in many Western quarters is becoming shriller about the need to contain Russian aggression. There are good reasons for concern about Russia’s intentions and capabilities, as elaborated at the recent Lennart Meri conference in Tallinn. But in the last couple of months, Moscow has… Read more »

This Week in South Sudan – Week 21

Monday 23 May National Security officers, deployed to control queues at fuel stations, accused of extorting money from customers. The SPLA (IO) refuted allegations that their forces had attacked SPLA locations near Bentiu, Unity State.  Tuesday 24 May Tens of thousands of people in the western regions of South Sudan have been forced to flee killings,… Read more »