Author: Robert Mood

Robert Mood is Lieutnant General in the Norwegian Army, and currently serves as the the Norwegian Military Representative to NATO at its headquarters in Brussels. He was, among other things, the Chief of Staff of the Norwegian Army with responsibility for special forces and army units deploying to Afghanistan (2005-2009), Chief of Staff of the UN Truce Supervision Organisation with a regional role in the Middle East (2009-11), and he established and headed the unarmed United Nations Supervision Mission on the ground in Syria (March to August 2012).

Political Defeat – Military Inadequacy! The Swaddling Blanket of Intervention

The military interventions by the West in the Middle East, Afghanistan and North Africa in recent years are examples of bold and efficient use of force resulting in immediate achievement of goals. Saddam Hussein’s military forces were defeated, the Taliban were deprived of their havens and possible massacres in Libya were prevented. The attempts however… Read more »