Month: October 2017

This Week in South Sudan – Week 39

Tuesday 26 September US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley called on South Sudan’s leaders to achieve peace while urging the UN Security Council and regional actors to do more to resolve the country’s suffering. Wednesday 27 September Salva Kiir ordered the country’s security organs to fully cooperate with the UN Regional Protection Force, saying… Read more »

Alva Myrdal, Research, and Nuclear Disarmament

The time for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize is coming up, and as identified by PRIO’s Director, there are many worthy laureates. 35 years ago, Alva Myrdal (1902-1986) received the prize for her work with nuclear disarmament – a question that has unfortunately resurfaced and is again a likely theme for the peace prize. To a peace researcher,… Read more »