Author: Catalina Vallejo

Catalina Vallejo is a Lawyer from Colombia. Has specialized in Administrative Law and holds a Master degree in Peace Studies, which she obtained from Innsbruck University in Austria. Has worked for the Colombian public sector in projects related to land management, urban planning and human rights. Has collaborated with the Chr. Michelsen Institute (Norway) in various research projects with regional focus on Latin America, including studies on Transitional Justice, Civilian-Military Relations, and Climate Change Law-fare. She is currently a PhD researcher at Los Andes University in Bogota. Affiliated to the Centre on Law and Social Transformation.

Beyond Recognition to One, Ethical Reassurance to Many

An award can be backward or forward looking; this year’s Nobel Peace Prize is both. By awarding this prize in a moment of crisis for the Colombian peace process, it not only serves as a recognition of past efforts made by individuals, but also rescues an agonizing process and truly encourages further collective efforts for… Read more »

A Nobel for Colombian Peace Makers? Yes! (But to whom?)

In its current state, the Colombian peace process not only deserves but could in fact highly benefit from the symbolic effects that go hand in hand with being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Recently, in a tight vote, Colombians said ‘No’ to supporting the peace agreement between the government and the FARC-EP. While we, the… Read more »

Santos and Jiménez: Fraternal Enough?

Celebration. The best work for fraternity during the precedent year. Abolition of standing armies. The formation and spreading of peace congresses. Conferring the greatest benefit on (hu)mankind. These where the elements that Alfred Nobel had in his mind when he imagined a peace prize. These elements combined in extraordinary manners should embody Alfred Nobel´s spirit… Read more »