Author: Stacy D. VanDeveer

Stacy D. VanDeveer is Professor of Global Governance and Human Security in Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance at the University of Massachusetts Boston’s John C. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, where he is currently Department Chair after serving for four years as Graduate Program Director for the Global Governance and Human Security PhD program.

Improving Resource Governance and Building Sustainable Peace

In a recently published piece in World Development, Florian Krampe, Farah Hegazi and Stacy D VanDeveer explore the potentially dramatic benefits of improved environmental and resource governance for post-war peacebuilding. They outline three causal mechanisms – or pathways – for environmental peacebuilding: (a) the contact hypothesis, (b) diffusion of transnational norms, and (c) state service… Read more »

Good Reads: Rare Earths and Conflict across Scale

Rare earths metals made a lot of news over the last decade, after most of us spent years forgetting what we once learned their names on the periodic table. Rare earths consist of 17 different metals, from scandium (element 21) down to lutetium (element 71). They are important to a host of high tech and… Read more »