Development Consequences of Internal Armed Conflict

The development consequences of armed conflict are profound and far-reaching.

A village health post in Darfur, destroyed by Jingaweit militia.
By United States Agency for International Development [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

While the direct victims of war understandably receive most attention, the effects of conflict extend far beyond battlefield casualties and refugee camps. Research has shown that conflict affects all aspects of development covered by the Millennium Development Goals, and that conflict has been an important impediment to achieving these goals. 

  • The consequences of conflict extend far beyond the battlefield.
  • PRIO has documented substantial negative effects of conflict on most developmental indicators.
  • The indirect effects of conflict may be as great as the direct effects.
  • There is a clear case for considering the effects of internal armed conflict when post-2015 MDGs are formulated

Read more in the Conflict Trends Policy Brief published today, on the occasion of Paul Collier giving the PRIO Annual Peace Address.

See also the blog post War Breeds War, published a few days ago.

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