Author: Anne Gallagher

Anne T. Gallagher is an Independent Scholar and Legal Adviser to the United Nations and ASEAN. Anne T. Gallagher AO (BA. LLB, M.Int.L, PhD) is a lawyer, practitioner, teacher and scholar with an established international reputation in human rights and the administration of criminal justice. She served as a UN human rights official from 1992 to 2003, the last four years as Special Adviser to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Since resigning from the UN in 2003, Anne has held various leadership and technical roles in an intergovernmental programme that aims to strengthen legislative and criminal justice responses to human trafficking and related exploitation in South East Asia. Other current positions include Co-Chair of the International Bar Association’s Presidential Task force on Trafficking; member of the IOM Director-General’s Advisory Board on Migration; and Academic Adviser at Doughty St Chambers, the UK’s largest civil rights practice. An independent and award-winning scholar, she is widely recognized as a global authority on the international law of human trafficking and of migrant smuggling.

Migrant Smugglers Are Winning. Here’s Why

Migrant smuggling: moving people across borders for profit, is reported to be one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative forms of organized criminal activity. Smugglers crowd their human cargo into shipping containers and onto boats and trucks. Many migrants arrive safely and consider the investment well spent. But migrant smuggling is a dirty business: excessive… Read more »