Author: Govinda Clayton

Dr. Govinda Clayton is a senior researcher in peace processes within the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich. His research interests include: negotiation; mediation; conflict management; civil war; bargaining theory; violence against civilians; non-​state armed groups; pro-​government militias; mathematical and statistical models; research design and methodology.  

Ceasefires in the Time of COVID-19

This piece is part of our blog series Beyond the COVID Curve. COVID-19 has quickly changed everything from our daily routines, to the policies of governments, to the fortunes of the global economy. How will it continue to shape society and the conditions for peace and conflict globally in the near future and long after we… Read more »

Mission Impossible? Creating a Dialogue between Research, Policy and Practice Communities

On the surface, it should be easy. Practitioners and policy makers always require better knowledge to make informed decisions, and academics (nearly) always seek that their research makes an impact in the “real” world. Yet this rarely works out. In most cases academic-practice-policy dialogues, forums, meetings and conferences rarely produce the envisaged coming together of… Read more »